Nov 8, 2021 5:26:31 AM 2 min read

3 Ways You can Create Amazing Outdoor Digital Signs

With rapid updates in marketing, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and a fast-paced world that’s becoming increasingly technological, digital signs and billboards are among the biggest trends in the marketing industry at the moment. 

Here’s how to design an awesome digital sign!

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Simplicity is key

The main function of a digital billboard or a sign is functionality, so make sure to keep your text and message simple. Ensure that your message is completely straightforward, doesn’t include any difficult language, and can be read and understood as quickly as possible by your audience. Less is often more on your sign. Introducing way too many elements all at once can make it very confusing for the audience to read and understand, and can potentially even distract them.

Make them readable

The purpose of an outdoor digital sign or billboard is that it should be visible from quite a distance. This means that the text must ideally be large, simple, and very easy to read.

When designing a digital sign, the focus should be on keeping it short and sweet. Using design principles to curate a hierarchy of communication to the customer, you can easily get your message across with such signs. Prioritize the sections that you want to catch the attention of the reader by using bolder, larger text, and different colors. When selecting the typeface and font, ensure that it’s easy to read. Don’t use all capital letters, since it can negatively affect the readability of your digital sign.

Improve quality through optimization

Digital signs and billboards don’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach. Each sign and billboard is different and needs to be optimized accordingly. The readability of your content is dependent upon the pixel and resolution, as well as the size and shape of the sign.

Before you put your sign up, ensure that the content you’re displaying has been effectively optimized for the size of the billboard or sign. Keep in mind that if you have a sign with a low pitch, you shouldn’t be using a small text size. On the other hand, if your digital screen has a high-resolution screen, then you should consider displaying images and videos since they won’t be compromised on quality.

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