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Increase your reach and spread information quickly, effectively delivering timely and important messages to residents and visitors. Easily promote city-sponsored events, local businesses, attractions, and share community news.

Affordable and efficient solutions for your community

Effective Communication

Display public service announcements, emergency alerts, community events, public meetings, and other relevant updates. 

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Revenue Generation

Offers the opportunity to fund local economy and projects through advertising partnerships with local businesses. 

Navigation Assistance

Place signage in parks, parking lots, or busy intersections to display maps, directions, parking availability, transportation schedules, and more. 

Explore Use Case

See the impact:

See how The BMW Store grew awareness and increased test drives with a Cirrus sign.

Customer Spotlight

Orbit Group

Learn how Orbit Group turned to Cirrus to reach their community and grow the arts in their city.

What our customers say

David Hady & Marlana Trombley, Orbit Group

"ScreenHub has been so much easier to navigate. We’d never updated our content on our old software because we hardly knew how to do it. It was such a pain to actually get it to work. ScreenHub is geared toward the average user. We upload content, schedule it, and then it’s set to go. It’s very easy to use. Our new Cirrus sign makes sharing digital art and events so much easier. It really helps us get the word out to people of all the things they can do or see when visiting Manchester that they might not otherwise be aware of."

Outdoor Displays

Enhanced resolution with 3-12x more pixels than industry standards.

4mm Assembled Dark Gradient (1 separated) 1 (3)

Digital Window Poster

Visible from a distance, even in direct sunlight.

16(9 flipped) 1 (2)

Media Player

Transforms any TV into a digital display in minutes.

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Screenhub CMS

Seamlessly manages content from one to multiple displays.


People Counter

Builds better business with highly accurate customer insight.


Car Tracker

Drives better engagement with highly targeted, personalized ads.

Access Anywhere

ScreenHub CMS

Control all your displays from a single, cloud-based platform. With unbeatable simplicity, it's everything you need to create, change, and manage your content whether on the go or in your office. 

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