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Taylor Goble used Cirrus to increase sales by over 15%

“I’m installing a second one... I would absolutely recommend Cirrus to other businesses such as myself. It’s a great way to connect with your market.”

McDonald’s Local Franchise Owner

Visuals that will have your audience drooling

You need to make an impact from the first moment someone sees your restaurant, to the moment a guest leaves your doors. With so many options, standing out is crucial. When you can share beautiful high-resolution images of your food, you can plant the seed of desire directly into the mind of every person who passes by your business. From sharing new offerings to your best-selling products, there is no limit to what you can serve up on your digital signs.

Add flexibility to your menu

If you want to capture hungry eyes, flexibility is key. Expecting a cold day? Put up a message about your soups and comfort foods. If you’re expecting a heatwave it’s the perfect time to show off ice cream. With ScreenHub, our cloud-based digital signage software, you can easily change your sign from anywhere. When you can show hungry guests exactly what will make their day complete, you’ll see your sales soar. It’s that simple.

Attract New Employees

With labor shortages everywhere, how do you keep enough staff to keep the doors open and customers happy? A digital sign makes it easy to let everyone know when you’re hiring. But unlike printed signs, if the message isn’t working you can simply change it out and try something else. No more printing signs and hoping, tweak it until it works, with no extra cost for trial and error.

ScreenHub CMS

Looking for a way to manage your displays? Our easy-to-use, cloud-based content management software makes it simple to control one or multiple screens with identical or different content on the go or in the office.


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