The Market’s Best Pricing on High-Resolution Displays

Increase revenue with the revolutionary BladeM up to 150%.

  • Ultra-high resolution makes your products and services stand out!
  • Advanced solid-state technology — no moving parts that can fail
  • Lightweight, modular screen system is easy to install and expand
  • Includes ScreenHub, the industry’s best and easiest-to-use cloud software

Trusted by Some of the Best Brands in the World

Robust and Powerful Content Management Web Application

Meet ScreenHub — the easy-to-use, yet powerful, cloud software for digital signs.

  • Software is easy to install and configure — works right out of the box
  • Allows you to create, schedule and organize engaging content in minutes
  • Dependable playback system plays 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • ScreenHub is compatible with any synchronous interior TV or outdoor digital display

Critical, Actionable Marketing Data That Improves Sales

Sight Analytics, included with ScreenHub, lets you capture crucial demographic data to optimize your messaging in real time.

  • Improves sales through dynamic messaging based on who’s driving by or walking into your business
  • Car tracking and identification data is correlated to ads displayed on your digital screens
  • Demographic data helps you optimize messaging to your audience
  • Bluetooth beacons allow you to send messages to passing smartphones

A Technology Company Unlike Other LED Sign Manufacturing Companies

Cirrus Systems, Inc. is dedicated to providing an interconnected ecosystem of hardware and software that helps businesses maximize ROI by optimizing their on-premise digital advertising. We are part digital signage manufacturer, part software developer, part marketing firm — and total market disrupter!

Among our disruptive innovations are:

A modular LED display that ships in 24 hours, is incredibly lightweight, has more pixels than our competitors’ screens, expands and upgrades easily, and is built in New Hampshire using globally sourced components.

The most advanced manufacturing processes in North America — no other LED company on the planet leverages advanced robotics like Cirrus does.  Come and visit our New Hampshire factory to see it first hand.

Proprietary cloud-based software system that allows users to create, manage and schedule content from anywhere in the world via smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Cirrus Systems Software and Digital LED Displays Are Signs of the Times

Businesses looking to increase sales are not the only entities to benefit from our contemporary LED displays and powerful web-based signage software. Numerous nonprofit organizations choose Cirrus products for their ability to provide relevant messaging to their audiences, present a more modern appearance, educate passers-by about their mission, and promote ongoing and future events. Imagine what we could do for your enterprise!