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Car Tracker

Know who is passing by your business on a daily basis. Understand your customers' needs and deliver targeted, personalized ads to create a more connected experience.

Key features

Vehicle Tracking

By leveraging advanced computer vision, our Car Tracker camera delivers highly accurate reports on the types of vehicles passing by your premises. View key metrics such as highest brand or type of vehicles, and even license plates, where permitted. 

Traffic Analysis

View comprehensive analytic reports on traffic flow patterns and peak hours. These insights help businesses make informed decisions related to staff scheduling, resource allocation, marketing strategies, and overall operational efficiency.

Personalized Advertising

Understand the types of customers passing by your premises to better curate your signage content. This conditional engine lets you specify the exact ad to deliver to the exact type of audience passing by, increasing your ad engagement and effectiveness.


Car Tracker Camera

  • Identifies license plates with exceptional accuracy
  • Handles speeds of up to 81 mph
  • Captures range of up to 328 ft
  • Robust design for rough weather




Advanced Analytics

With a user-friendly interface accessible via any web browser, our Car Tracker Dashboard is designed to help you better understand the types of customers passing by your premises. Compare data day to day, week to week, or customize your comparison charts, to make more informed decisions on how to design your signage content, when to play these ads, and how to fine tune your strategies for growth over time. 

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