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Places of Worship

Modernize the way you communicate without abandoning the messages that have withstood the test of time. Our indoor and outdoor digital signage effectively showcase and promote your services and community events to increase engagement.

Deliver messages that resonate with your community

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Enhanced Communication

Display religious texts, scripture verses, song lyrics, and multimedia content during sermons, worship services, or religious ceremonies.

Create Community

Share upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, charitable causes, and service initiatives, creating more community connection.

Inspiration & Outreach

Offer joy and hope through inspiring messages, creating an inviting atmosphere for everyone who passes your place of worship.

Explore Use Case

See the impact:

See how The BMW Store grew awareness and increased test drives with a Cirrus sign.

What our customers say

Mike Sparks, Care Church

"Cirrus has without a doubt had an impact on helping the community know who we are. We’ve had people drop by and donate food for our food ministry because of the sign. We now have more people come to church and even had someone stop by to hand me $20 to donate to a good cause… all this would not have happened without our Cirrus display."

Product gallery

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Outdoor Displays

Enhanced resolution with 3-12x more pixels than industry standards.

4mm Assembled Dark Gradient (1 separated) 1 (3)

Digital Window Poster

Visible from a distance, even in direct sunlight.

16(9 flipped) 1 (2)

Media Player

Transforms any TV into a digital display in minutes.

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Screenhub CMS

Seamlessly manages content from one to multiple displays.


People Counter

Builds better business with highly accurate customer insight.


Car Tracker

Drives better engagement with highly targeted, personalized ads.

Access Anywhere

ScreenHub CMS

Control all your displays from a single, cloud-based platform. With unbeatable simplicity, it's everything you need to create, change, and manage your content whether on the go or in your office. 

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