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Cirrus Ecosystem

Designed with simplicity in mind, Cirrus' five product lines – Outdoor Displays, Digital Window Poster, Media Player, People Counter, and Car Tracker – provide an unparalleled on-premise marketing solution through a single secure cloud-based software platform.


Outdoor Displays

Draw customers in with ultra-high resolution digital signage that delivers a dynamic experience by offering more appealing content that can be tailored to location, customer, and trends. Open or closed, day or night, your LED sign is working for you. Most businesses see an increase in sales of 15% to 150%.


Digital Window Poster

Leverage your window front's prime advertising space with bright poster screens that can promote multiple offers and are visible even in direct sunlight. No more printing and shipping costs, if you spend over $100 a month on printing costs for window signage, you’ll be saving money.


Media Player

Create a consistent and connected digital journey from outdoor to indoor with a media player that transforms any tv into a dynamic digital screen with unbeatable simplicity. All you need to do is plug it into an HDMI port and connect to WiFi. No more cable management and hiding your control system; skip the hardware that controls those devices and set it up within 5 minutes.


People Counter

Gain real-time insights into foot traffic trends and patterns that empower you to fine-tune your in-store strategies, optimize operations, and enhance your customer experience. Our device uses a world-leading 3D sensor and covers a greater area than other devices on the market, giving you data with up to 98% accuracy. Simply install on your ceiling, configure the device, and start viewing your comprehensive reports.


Car Tracker

Analyze passing traffic by vehicle type, make, state, and even license plate, where permitted. Our Car Tracker is designed to help you better understand the types of customers passing by your premises to make more informed decisions on how to design your signage content, when to play these ads, and how to fine tune your strategies for growth over time.



Our cloud-based content creation, management, and monitoring system creates a seamless, connected ecosystem for your business or organization. Enjoy a single solution that controls all your hardware and makes it simple to design and manage all of your digital signage content.

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