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People Counter

Access real-time insights into foot traffic trends to gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior. Combine it with sales performance analysis to fine-tune your in-store strategies, optimize operations, and ultimately enhance your customers' experience.

Key features

Tracking Foot Traffic

By leveraging infrared sensors, cameras, and thermal imaging, our People Counter device delivers highly accurate reports on incoming and outgoing foot traffic, providing real-time data on the total number of people present in-store at any given time.

In-store Analysis

View comprehensive analytic reports on customer patterns, peak hours, dwell times, and trends. These insights help businesses make informed decisions related to staff scheduling, resource allocation, marketing strategies, and overall operational efficiency.

Sales Performance

Input your sales numbers and calculate conversion rates, giving you more insight into your sales performance. Compare data day to day, week to week, or customize your comparison charts, to better understand how to fine tune your strategies.


People Counter Device

  • Intelligent all-in-one device for data capture, analysis, and delivery
  • High counting accuracy rate up to 99%
  • Low requirement on lighting, suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Ability to exclude/include children
  • Filter objects including shopping carts, balloons, and shadows, etc.


Advanced Analytics

With a user-friendly interface accessible via any web browser, our People Counter Dashboard is designed to help you better understand the types of customers visiting your premises. Compare data day to day, week to week, or customize your comparison charts, to make more informed decisions on how to design your signage content, when to play these ads, and how to fine tune your strategies for growth over time. 

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