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Indoor Solutions

Designed with ease of use at top of mind, Cirrus indoor solutions enable you to promote multiple offers and change content quickly and easily with products that require little setup and configuration. 

Redefine the way audiences engage with displays

Craft dynamic, luminous messaging and redefine the way audiences engage with displays. Our Digital Window Poster leverages your window front's prime advertising space and our Media Player revolutionizes any TV into a digital display. 

Key features

High Resolution

Stunning 4mm display with edge to edge, high-resolution full-color picture or video.

Easy Installation

Our digital window poster and media player require little setup and configuration.

Multiple Promotions

With a digital display you don’t have to pick which promotion to showcase, you can program them all.

Visible in Direct Sunlight

Our digital window posters are bright enough to be seen from a distance and in direct sunlight.

Saves Money

Turn your TVs into digital displays for fraction of the cost with our media player.

More sustainable

Save on printing and shipping waste with indoor displays that can showcase multiple offers.

Outdoor Displays

Enhanced resolution with 3-12x more pixels than industry standards.

4mm Assembled Dark Gradient (1 separated) 1 (3)

Digital Window Poster

Visible from a distance, even in direct sunlight.

16(9 flipped) 1 (2)

Media Player

Transforms any TV into a digital display in minutes.

Group 2106 (11)

Screenhub CMS

Seamlessly manages content from one to multiple displays.


People Counter

Builds better business with highly accurate customer insight.


Car Tracker

Drives better engagement with highly targeted, personalized ads.

Seamless Solutions

Cirrus Ecosystem

Designed with simplicity in mind, Cirrus' five product lines – Outdoor Displays, Digital Window Poster, Media Player, People Counter, and Car Tracker – provide an unparalleled on-premise marketing solution through a single secure cloud-based software platform.

All data & control in your hands

Cirrus Ecosystem

The Ecosystem that we provide for our clients consists of:

  • Outdoor Screens
  • Indoor Screens
  • Content Management System
  • People Counter
  • Ai Traffic Monitoring

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Our dedicated professionals are here to guide you through the process, answer your questions, and provide personalized solutions tailored to your unique needs. Whether you're looking to elevate your brand presence, enhance customer engagement, or create memorable advertising displays, we're here to help.