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Increase engagement and ad revenue

What accounts for the growth of digital signage in the transportation industry? Revenue from digital ads on vehicles, at bus and train stations, and at airport terminals exceeds that of static ads. Digital signage in the transportation industry is not used solely for advertising. LED signs help transportation owners and managers enhance the travel experience, improve customer service, set the brand apart from its competitors, increase passenger loyalty and, ultimately, help grow the business. 

Engaging and informative

Clear communication leads to happy travelers. Ensuring travelers know where to go, what to do, and what to expect is important to their satisfaction. Digital signage allows your travelers to quickly check information about their journey, from arrivals to schedules. Make sure you’re giving them the information they need when they need it with clear, easy to update signage.

Transportation use cases

From wayfinding to entertainment, digital signage helps passengers find their way.

Bus Stations/Stop
Train Stations/Stops

Grow advertisement revenue

With digital signage, it is easy to grow sponsored content, and take printing and changing posters out of the equation. Simply update your content whenever you have a new sponsor, or let sponsors come to you with ScreenHub AdPlay. We source programmatic advertising for you. You just choose the times you want it to display, and sit back while the revenue rolls in.

ScreenHub CMS

Looking for a way to manage your displays? Our easy-to-use, cloud-based content management software makes it simple to control one or multiple screens with identical or different content on the go or in the office.


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