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Key subscription features

Size Customization

Our displays come in 4 different resolutions. An expert will walk you through designing a sign to fit your specific size, budget, and goal. 

Comprehensive Management

Enjoy end-to-end project management from the moment you order your sign through complete installation, and beyond. 

Powerful Software

Built for beginners and experts alike, our easy-to-use software will help you monitor your hardware, manage your schedule, and curate your content.

Hardware Upgrade

We continually work to improve our products and offer a display upgrade to our newest technology every 5 years when you renew your subscription. 

24/7 Monitoring

24/7 remote performance monitoring to give you peace of mind that your display is always up and running from day one.

5-Year Warranty

Transparency and honesty is our commitment to you. We offer a 5-year hardware and labor warranty with no surprise service costs.

Why Cirrus?

A screen subscription means we cover everything from the upfront cost, selecting an installer, permits and project management, through to complete installation, and beyond. We are here to meet and exceed your needs and expectations.

Cirrus Screen Subscription

  • Affordable pricing within budget
  • 24/7 performance monitoring
  • Upgradable with our modular design
  • 40% lighter = less installation costs
  • 5-yr hardware + labor warranty
  • Ships to installer in days
  • Expert support

Closest Competitor

  • $20,000 - $50,000 upfront
  • No performance monitoring
  • Not upgradable
  • Expensive installation
  • 5-yr warranty + optional labor
  • 20-25 week lead time
  • No support

Did you know...

According to the U.S. Small Business Association, no other form of advertising comes close to matching the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of an outdoor digital display. By increasing your ad impression rate, or how many sets of “eyeballs“ have potentially viewed your content, digital displays can help grow a business anywhere from 15% to 150%. But no two signs are created equal. Resolution is vital to generate a strong ROI. Spending money on a display that can only product text or low-resolution images will generate a lower impression rate. A high resolution display that can deliver superior content will maximize your revenue. 

Customer stories

Taylor Goble, McDonald's Franchise Owner

"We chose Cirrus because of its full color, high resolution, and video capabilities. We chose Cirrus over others in the market due to its reliability. We can easily replace a panel rather than the expense of an entire sign. Cirrus software truly stood out. It’s very user friendly and we knew what we were doing without any training."


Why a subscription and not financing?

We wanted to give you a way to get turnkey service for your sign, from labor warranty to monitoring, and the ability to buy your sign – without paying interest. When you finance a sign, you end up paying more than the total cost back to the bank. With our subscription you know the total cost up front, and you pay it through subscription for 5 years, with all of the added benefits of our additional labor warranty through Cirrus Complete.

Where are your signs available?

Currently, Cirrus signs are available to purchase anywhere in North America.

What is a modular system?

We set out to make digital signage simpler. By making our signs modular we’ve simplified installation and servicing. Our signs can be put together on-site, and usually do not require a crane to install, which saves you money. Modularity also means that in the rare case something goes wrong, you can simply swap out one panel, and your sign is up and working again in minutes.

We designed our signs to be future-proof. You shouldn’t have to buy an entirely new sign just because you want it to be bigger. Purchase a few more modules, add them on, and instantly you have a brand new larger display. Or, if you want to improve the resolution, you can swap out the modules for a brand new screen with double or triple the number of pixels. 

Where is your product made?

Our signs are made in New Hampshire in the most advanced LED factory in the United States, using globally sourced premium components.

Your products are more affordable than the competition, how do I know it's of the same or better quality?

Leveraging robotics and automation in our factory  allows us to reduce waste, increase efficiency, and produce higher-quality signs, for less. By advancing solid-state technology in the digital signage field, we’re able to reduce the number of parts you need to operate a high-resolution display. Our patented modular system is easy to put together, reducing the time to install them, and most importantly service if necessary. All of this comes out to savings for you, without compromising on the quality of your sign. In fact, the quality and reliability are improved.

Why solid-state instead of fans and wires?

In the last decade, the need for fans and wires have become obsolete. When you use premium LED’s, premium power supplies, and modern printed circuit board design, it’s simple to build a high-quality product with no moving parts or wires.

Solid-state technology has significantly fewer points of failure, which equals a significantly more reliable LED display. We’ve found that wires can come loose or corrode, fans will break, fans also bring moisture and humidity into the display.  These components are simply antiquated, and no longer needed to make a long-lasting, durable display. 

Solid-state displays are more robust, reliable, and last much longer with our patented modular technology.

What does your warranty cover? We have a 5-year limited hardware warranty that covers every component of the LED display. This includes the best pixel warranty in the industry. We also have an optional 5-year labor warranty to provide complete peace of mind. All of our subscriptions include the hardware and labor warranties as an added benefit.
How much does a sign cost?

There are numerous factors that go into the cost of a digital sign. Because our signs are modular, they can be made to any size, big or small. The final cost depends on: 

  • The size of the sign
  • If it’s single or double-sided
  • The resolution or pixel pitch
  • Installation type or complexity (new or existing sign, on a post, monument style, etc.)

To accurately quote a sign we need to understand the project scope. Once we capture these key details, we can quickly provide you with pricing. Please contact us if you want to talk about your specific project.

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