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Indoor Solutions

Digital Window Poster

Ditch costly paper signs that blend into the background. Our 4mm digital LED posters give you a stunning solution to promote multiple offers and change content quickly and easily.

Key features

High resolution

Stunning 4mm display with edge to edge, high-resolution full-color picture or video.

Easy installation

Our digital poster uses a standard 120V plug making installation a breeze.

Multiple Promotions

With an LED screen you don’t have to pick which promotion to showcase, you can program them all.

Visible in Direct Sunlight

Bright enough to be seen from a distance, in the dark, and in direct sunlight.

Saves Money

If you spend over $100 a month on printing costs for window signage, you’ll be saving money.

More Sustainable

Save on printing and shipping waste with one digital poster that can showcase multiple offers.

What's included

One 2’ x 3’ 4mm LED Digital Poster

Mounting equipment

120V Power cord

5-year Hardware Warranty

WiFi connection

ScreenHub subscription with lifetime training and support

Purchase your Digital Window Poster for $109/month (plus applicable taxes). 

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