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3 Major reasons to transition to digital signage for your business

In-store and outdoor advertising has undergone a dramatic shift as businesses are on the search for new ways to engage their customers and promote their products and services more effectively. Customers don't want to be sold to - they want to be enticed.

Many businesses are seeing double digit increases in revenue due to investing in digital signage, but many are still hesitant to make the transition due to budget constraints and various other factors.


Here are some top reasons to invest in digital signage for your business:


1. Replace the cost and need for print advertising

One of the biggest benefits of embracing digital signage for the marketing strategy of your business is its impact on the bottom line. The core purpose of any business is to make a profit while keeping the costs as low as possible.

Unless they forgo advertising entirely, business owners face ongoing expenses with printing out new advertisements to display in their locations. And each new printed sign incurs a new expense—while a digital sign is a one-time expense.

By replacing all your print advertising with digital signage, you will not only save your business a lot of money, but you will also be able to target a wider audience and attract more potential customers, resulting in an increase in sales and better ROI.

2. Get new advertisements up quick and easily

The content for digital signage is extremely easy to change, enhance, update, or manipulate and does not require extensive re-writes or re-launch of the entire marketing campaign. Nor do you need to wait for new signs to be printed, and then spend time hanging them up.

By synchronizing all your digital signage through a single platform, you can change the content anytime you want with a simple upgrade.

You can also keep your audience informed with real-time updates on deals and discounts through a single digital platform and even promote new products and services instantly.

3. Catch more eyeballs and amplify the reach of your brand

If your current advertisements fail to generate awareness for your brand and grab the attention of more people, it might be because your customers' eyes pass right by them. Digital signage catches the attention of more people compared to traditional forms of advertising by using eye-catching visuals and graphics.

Digital signage can also be transformed into a multi-message and multi-media display that you can use to share everything about your brand that you can’t in a single print ad, such as pricing, product information, photos, social media handles, community outreach, and more.

Using videos on your digital signage displays can help you amplify the reach of your brand and get more of your message across in significantly less time.


Want to learn more about how to use digital signs for your business?

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