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3 Keys to increasing engagement on your digital signage

Digital signage is one of the most effective ways to increase engagement with your customers as well as employees. Digital signage can capture up to 400% more views compared to traditional advertising and static displays while optimizing the customer experience and increasing brand loyalty. Digital signage and displays also increase the recall rate for remembering the information offered compared to static displays.

Yet sometimes businesses report that they're not getting the results that they'd hoped for from their digital signs. If that's happening to you, it's time to take a fresh look at your digital sign strategy. 

Here are some simple and effective strategies to help you increase digital sign engagement for your business:

1. Focus on attracting attention

The first step to engage your audience is to make them stop and take a look at your digital signage. You can do this by creating something unique in terms of a new layout, a different screen such as a single display or a video wall, and eye-catching visuals.

You can also add information to your digital signs that people are looking for every day such as weather updates, news headlines, and current time. This will make your audience automatically look at your screen and will make it easier to grab their attention.

2. Make your potential customers think

The next step is working on the right message. Your content should not only be interesting but should also be thought-provoking. You want your audience to think and ponder on your message, which will result in greater recall once they have moved on to their other tasks for the day.

Launching community-inspired campaigns and reinforcing your message through other channels such as social media and websites is a great way to increase engagement for your digital signage.

You can also focus on messages that remind your audience of things that they should be thinking about. What are their plans for their parent's birthday? Have they thought about what food they want to have when friends are over for a game night? When did they last change the oil on their car?

3. Motivate them to act

The final step is to have a persuasive call to attention to motivate the audience to linger on your digital signage and take affirmative action that will increase the business for your brand.

You don’t want potential customers to see your products and services and file them away for future use. You want them to act.

So, your message should include a clear direction for the next step so your audience can communicate with you and be compelled to go to your website or social media handles for more information.


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