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3 common blunders businesses make with their digital signage

The digital advertising and signage industry in the United States has been growing at an average rate of 2.7% for the past several years. More and more businesses are embracing digital signage solutions to market their brand, products, and services.

Each year major businesses and smaller local companies spend billions of dollars on various digital signage solutions and digital ad campaigns. One of the key factors for the growing popularity of digital signage is the high return on investment and better customer and employee engagement.

However, it is important to avoid certain strategies and mistakes when investing in digital signage to ensure its effectiveness.

Here are some of the major mistakes made by many businesses when coming up with viable digital signage strategies that can cost them their entire investment:

Content overload

When creating the perfect digital signage to represent and promote your business and brand there is one important point to remember: Content is king! This is often where many businesses fall short by putting too much content on their digital signage.

Too much information can not only overwhelm potential customers, but it can also make your digital screen look crowded. Too much content can also decrease the effectiveness of the advertisement and reduce engagement on your signage.

Make sure the content is short (but not too short!), informative, and punchy enough to grab the attention of the passersby and result in generating more viable leads for your business.

Poor placement

The placement of your digital signage is imperative and plays a huge role in its effectiveness. Indoor digital signage is often ineffective and attracts fewer customers because it is usually placed in corners or hidden behind various infrastructures such as walls or pillars.

Your signage should be in plain view, whether it is outdoors or indoors, where potential customers can easily read it and interact with it. Make sure the signage is not blocked by entrance ramps, trees, and other signage.

Treating digital signage like a static sign

One of the biggest mistakes is not utilizing the full potential of digital signage and only using it as a static tool that displays a single image. Digital signage is the perfect tool that can advertise your brand in a unique and engaging way while enhancing customer experience. You should utilize it as much as possible by creating unique content such as product videos, behind-the-scenes looks, entertaining videos, and more, all designed to increase brand awareness among your target audience.


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