Get on Board the Digital Signage Trend

Transportation Digital Signage Increases Ad Revenue

What accounts for the growth of digital signage in the transportation industry? Revenue from digital ads on vehicles, at bus and train stations, and at airport terminals exceeds that of static ads for a couple reasons:

  1. Digital advertising, with its videos and text animation, has a much higher engagement rate; therefore, each of your digital ads can generate more revenue than a single static ad.
  2. Digital advertising allows you to change content multiple times a day, which means you can expand your pool of advertisers and receive more revenue from this greater number.

The Benefits of Digital Signage Go Beyond Advertising

Digital signage in the transportation industry is not used solely for advertising. LED signs help transportation owners and managers enhance the travel experience, improve customer service, set the brand apart from its competitors, increase passenger loyalty and, ultimately, help grow the business. Below are the ways in which digital signage is generally used in terminals and on vehicles.

Transportation terminal digital signage can be used to:

  • Advertise various products and services on a rotating basis
  • Create a warm, welcoming message for entering passengers
  • Direct passengers efficiently through the station
  • Provide up-to-date information about scheduling
  • Post the latest vehicle arrival and departure times and delays
  • Enhance the experience by entertaining waiting passengers
  • Indicate locations of restaurants, kiosks, first-aid stations and more
  • Ease shopping for travelers by putting signage at vendor sites
  • Inform passengers of emergencies and safety procedures
  • … and more!

On-vehicle digital signage is typically used to:

  • Advertise various products and services on a rotating basis
  • Enhance the travel experience with entertaining videos
  • Let passengers know of upcoming stops
  • Instruct passengers when to disembark via LED bus digital signage
  • Promote upcoming community events
  • Provide public health announcements
  • Keep passengers informed about delays
  • … and more!

Choose Cirrus for Effective Transportation Digital Signage

To achieve a significant return on your investment, your hardware must be able to deliver beautiful, clear pictures and text. Not all LED displays are created equal — an inferior display simply cannot provide what the affordable Cirrus BladeM can:

Ultra-High Resolution

  • Our 6 and 4mm displays are perfect for transportation environments where ultra-high resolution are necessary for close contact engagement.
  • Ultra-high res means beautiful, engaging pictures and video that attract customer eyeballs.
  • Modular construction lets you expand and upgrade display(s) as your needs change.

Unmatched Durability

  • Advanced solid-state manufacturing means no moving parts that can fail.
  • A Cirrus display withstands heat, cold, rain and snow so you can be confident that your display is always up and running.

Powerful Software

  • Industry-leading ScreenHub content management system is included with the purchase of a BladeM display.
  • This robust cloud software is easy to install, configure and use.
  • Create and schedule content for one screen or 1,000 — from anywhere, on any device.

Our interconnected hardware and software combine to offer a meaningful return on your investment. When you’re ready to commit to LED signage, connect with Cirrus and learn from the experts.”

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