Digital Signage for Education

Showcase School Events and Achievements

Digital signage improves communication by allowing you to post and update news and announcements, videos and pictures quickly and easily — indoors or outdoors — from anywhere, on any device. The Cirrus BladeM LED hardware, with its amazing display capabilities, is ideal for increasing student engagement in all types of educational facilities, from elementary, junior high and high schools to colleges and universities.

Digital signage for elementary and high schools is used to:

  • Promote upcoming events, such as plays, meetings and sports
  • Inform students and teachers about scheduling changes
  • Remind teachers, students and parents of important dates
  • Display welcome messages when parents and guests are present
  • Direct parents and other visitors to various locations
  • Feature students who excel or have won competitions, etc.
  • Post the latest school lunch menus in the cafeteria
  • Promote special messages (healthy eating, safety and more)
  • Highlight relevant school rules and regulations
  • Announce emergencies and related safety instructions
  • … and more!

Use LED school signs in colleges and universities to:

  • Create welcome notices for parents and other visitors
  • Direct students, parents and visitors around campus
  • Promote activities, clubs and upcoming events
  • Showcase campus news about people and events
  • Post the dates and times of midterm and final exams
  • Post class registration information and deadlines
  • Run live videos of graduations and other ceremonies
  • Post class cancellations and other scheduling changes
  • Announce career days and job interview information
  • Show important global and national news headlines
  • Display menu offerings in dorm cafeterias and student unions
  • Announce emergencies and relevant safety instructions
  • … and more!

Benefits of Cirrus Digital Signage for Education

State-of-the-Art Hardware

With 3X – 5X more pixels than traditional 16 and 20 mm displays and full edge-to-edge pictures, the ultra-high-resolution, 9 mm BladeM provides amazing, “real” pictures and videos. Advanced solid-state manufacturing offers reliability, while our expandable modular design allows you to start small and upgrade your display(s) as your needs change.

Powerful, Easy-to-Use Software

ScreenHub, our cloud content management software, allows you to quickly create, schedule and organize content. Easy to install and configure, ScreenHub is compatible with any interior TV or outdoor digital display, and the dependable playback system operates 24/7/365. Cirrus provides free software training and support for the life of the display.

Cirrus Is the Correct Answer to the Digital Signage Question

We understand that digital signage may not be at the top of your school’s budget, but a limited budget shouldn’t limit your options. Investing in an inferior, low-quality monochrome or low-res color display will not provide the quality communication you’re seeking. The Cirrus BladeM display, which can fit any budget, enables you to deliver the clear pictures, sharp text and stunning videos that will grab eyeballs as you showcase your school’s awesome events and vital information.

Our interconnected hardware and software combine to offer a meaningful return on your investment. When you’re ready to commit to LED school signage, connect with Cirrus and learn from the experts.

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