Increase the operational efficiency and improve both the quality of government services and citizen welfare with digital signage.

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Community messaging made easy

Residents rely on civic leaders to communicate what is going on in the community, and visitors have a better experience when local information is readily available. But reaching those audiences can be tricky. Digital signage can help capture attention, and effectively deliver messages.  You can upgrade anything from bus stops to welcome signs, police stations to libraries to increase your reach and spread information quickly. From community events to public safety announcements to promoting local business, you can have the eyes of your city with captivating LED displays. 

Smart cities and towns need digital signage

When you install a digital sign in high traffic areas (foot or auto), officials are able to effectively communicate with locals and tourists alike. Easily and affordably promote city-sponsored events, local businesses, and attractions and share community news. Additionally, digital signage opens the door to new revenue streams by allowing businesses and organizations to purchase advertising space. 

Inform and engage
Local authorities can easily deploy
messaging with a click of a button 
Local advertising
Promote local businesses and organizations, as well as city-sponsored events quickly and easily
Generate Ad Revenue
Allow brands and businesses to
purchase ad space
Save Resources
Save time, material, and labor costs of
traditional outdoor advertising. 
Emergency Broadcasts
Improves the way you communicate
during local emergencies 
Welcome Tourists
Direct visitors to attractions and landmarks
such as parks, libraries and museums

Make budgets go further with the most cost-effective marketing tool

It's no surprise that, like everything else, the cost of advertising continues to go up. So how do you make your budget stretch further, and meet your objectives?  Digital signage can help! The U.S. Small Business Administration found that of all common channels, digital signage came in the cheapest at just $0.14 per thousand exposures. With tv, radio, and online sitting at $5 and up, you can capture your local audience for much less without overspending on your marketing budget.

ScreenHub CMS

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