Increase Community Engagement

The Many Uses of Government Digital Signage

You’ve seen electronic display boards in front of businesses, organizations and other cities. Wondering what LED signage can do for your municipality? Outdoor digital signage in towns and cities is generally used to:

  • Showcase upcoming community events (plays, sports)
  • Inform residents of hours, service changes and emergencies
  • Show the current time, temperature and weather alerts
  • Welcome newcomers and visitors to the community
  • Direct residents and visitors to attractions and landmarks
  • Recognize awards and achievements of the town and its citizens
  • Promote civic engagement (election dates, voter registration)
  • Encourage use of public sites (library, parks)
  • Announce important events (first day of school, road construction)
  • Direct traffic (to event parking, to road detours)
  • … and more!

Best Digital Signage Solutions for Government

An attractive, legible and up-to-date digital sign has a far greater impact than does a low-resolution or text-only electronic message center. We understand that municipalities have strict budgets that often lead them to purchase low-quality monochrome or low-resolution color displays that do little to increase community engagement. The solution? Superior display hardware and software from Cirrus Systems!

Our high-resolution BladeM display is not only affordable, reliable and durable, it comes with ScreenHub, our proprietary, powerful and easy-to-use software. The BladeM can fit any budget and it delivers real pictures, videos and sharp text that will capture your audience’s attention. Make the investment today and showcase all your community events and notices in a way that encourages civic involvement, participation and a sense of unity.

Realize a Meaningful Return on Your Investment

Compared with our competitors, Cirrus products offer:

Ultra-High Resolution

With 3X – 10X more pixels than traditional 15 mm – 20 mm displays, our high-resolution BladeM displays delivers a stunning, full edge-to-edge picture or video that can’t be ignored.

Solid-State Technology

Premium hardware is built using advanced technology, which means no moving parts and rock-solid reliability.

Patented Modular System

You can easily expand or upgrade an existing electronic message display as your needs change.

Free, Powerful Software

ScreenHub allows you to easily create, manage and schedule your content from any web-enabled desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Don’t spend a lot of money on an inferior display that generates a low impression rate. Instead, if your goal is to maximize community engagement, invest in the Cirrus high-resolution display that gets your message across by delivering superior content — at a price you can afford!

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