Increase Attendance and Grow Revenue

Boost Earnings with Entertainment Digital Signage

Showcase your movies, plays and other events like never before and increase revenue! Beautiful images, animated text and eye-catching videos promoting your offerings help to grow attendance by informing passers-by of upcoming and current events while creating memorable experiences inside your facility. In fact, “show-stopping” LED signs like those created by Cirrus hardware and software are just the ticket to increase engagement and participation.

You can use entertainment digital signage to:

  • Modernize your image to attract younger people
  • Grow ticket sales income by attracting larger audiences
  • Offer entertainment during downtimes and intermissions
  • Decrease the perception of long wait times
  • Preview upcoming events via captivating images and videos
  • Update show times, ticket prices and other information
  • Direct audience members to their seats, exits, restrooms, etc.
  • Provide translations during foreign-language films and operas
  • Remind attendees that the intermission is ending
  • Create food kiosk menus with offerings and prices
  • Cross-market your events with other, similar venues
  • Generate revenue with paid advertising or sponsorships
  • Post emergency messages and instructions as needed
  • … and more!

Our Digital Signage Outperforms the Competition

When you’re ready to consider installing entertainment digital signage, what should you seek? To achieve a meaningful return on your investment, your display must be able to deliver beautiful, clear pictures, videos and text. Not all LED screens are created equal — an inferior low-resolution or text-only display simply cannot provide the quality that the superior yet affordable Cirrus system can:

Ultra-High Resolution

  • More pixels means higher quality. The Cirrus BladeM 9 mm display has 3X – 5X the number of pixels as our competitors’ 15 mm and 20 mm screens.
  • With ultra-high resolution, you get stunning, real pictures and video that attract eyeballs and impress potential customers.
  • Futureproof, patented, modular screen architecture enables you to expand or upgrade your display(s) as your needs change.
  • Lightweight displays are easy to install, offer edge-to-edge viewing area, and can display images with 298 trillion colors and 60 FPS video.

Unparalleled Reliability

  • Advanced solid-state technology and robotic-assisted manufacture means no moving parts that can fail.
  • All displays are UL listed and FCC certified, and assembled in our new, state-of-the-art factory in Maine.
  • A Cirrus display is durable enough to withstand heat, cold, rain, fog and snow so you can be confident that your display is always up and running.

Powerful Software

  • Our industry-leading, cloud-based ScreenHub content management system is included with the purchase of a BladeM display.
  • You can easily manage content for outdoor or indoor screens of any size or aspect ratio.
  • This robust, powerful software is easy to install, configure and use.
  • Create and schedule content for one screen or 1,000 — from anywhere, on any web-enabled device.

Our interconnected hardware and software combine to offer a meaningful return on your investment. When you’re ready to commit to LED signage, connect with Cirrus and learn from the experts.”

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