Drive Revenue with Automotive Digital Signage

Showcasing Your Inventory Increases Revenue

With today’s technology, your customers have a lot of information about the cars that interest them, even before they come to your showroom. So, what can you do to close the deal? Car dealership digital signage shows your products in a way that no poster or static sign can, and these impressive images help you engage customers, promote your brand and improve personal service, all of which contribute to your bottom-line profits.

You can also use strategically placed and managed digital signage to gain new service customers and retain your current ones, as well as to communicate corporate information and motivate your employees.

Automotive LED signs are generally used to:

  • Promote deals and financing offers on a large outdoor display
  • Highlight available seasonal services and service packages
  • Promote extended warranties, rust-proofing and other add-ons
  • Customize relevant content to each dealership location
  • Provide the latest information about your products and prices
  • Show large, beautiful videos of your cars in the reception area
  • Use videos to explain the popular new features, colors and options
  • Offer entertainment to make waiting times appear shorter
  • Post messages encouraging test drives of the latest models
  • Run videos of various repair procedures in the service area
  • Send relevant content to passing cars and smartphones
  • Gather marketing analytics from outdoor and indoor screens
  • Tailor messaging based on in-store customer demographics
  • Announce jobs and promotions and recognize employees
  • Create and post training videos for various groups of employees
  • … and more!

Choose Cirrus for Automotive Digital Signage

Only first-rate hardware and software can provide the impressive pictures and videos that will generate the ROI you want. Our BladeM ultra-high-res display, leading cloud content management software and amazing Cirrus Sight marketing analytics tool are not only the best on the market, but they are affordable, too!

BladeM Display

Our 9 mm, high-resolution BladeM display has 3X – 5X more pixels than traditional 20 mm and 16 mm LED displays of the same size. More pixels, along with a full edge-to-edge picture, provide the vivid, realistic images of your cars that can increase revenue.

Built using advanced, solid-state technology and robotic manufacturing processes, the BladeM is durable and reliable. With no moving parts that can fail, you can be confident that your signs are up and running in all conditions. Lightweight, future-proof, patented modular architecture means you can easily expand or upgrade your signs as your needs change.

ScreenHub Software

Use our proprietary ScreenHub content management software (free with BladeM purchase) to easily and quickly create, update and schedule your content — from anywhere, on any device. Powerful cloud-based ScreenHub can run a network of one or 1,000 screens from a single device.

ScreenHub is compatible with any synchronous outdoor digital display or indoor screen, any OS system and all web-enabled devices. This industry-leading software is packed with powerful features yet simple to use. Enjoy free software training and support for the life of your display.

Sight Analytics

This product captures critical, actionable data that helps you improve sales, get your message out and impact your audience. Do you know how many and what kinds of cars are driving by your dealership at any given moment? Sight Analytics tracks auto traffic data that you can correlate to the ads you were displaying at the time.

Would you like to receive customer demographic data that you can use to improve your ads? By tracking faces and people, Sight Analytics delivers demographic information and counts of the people entering your site. This data allows you to optimize your messages in real time, drive more customers to your location, and increase sales and revenue.

An additional feature is the ability to send messages to any passing smartphone via Bluetooth beacons embedded into our outdoor screens. You can use ScreenHub to customize the messages and offers you transmit.

Don’t blow your budget on an inferior automotive digital signage system that will not get you the results you want. Maximize your revenue and ROI with the affordable, ultra-high-resolution BladeM display that comes with our ScreenHub software and Sight Analytics. Now that’s a deal you can really get behind!

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