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10 Statistics that prove the effectiveness of digital signage

If you’re going to invest in digital signage for your business you want to be sure it’s going to be effective. After all, an LED sign is expensive and will be with your business for years to come. Before you invest you want to take the time to understand the facts to make the best decision for your business. We get that, and we want to ensure you have the statistics you need. 

Digital signage is rapidly becoming the most in-demand form of advertising and marketing for everything from brand promotion and new product launches. It can educate customers and boost sales when used effectively. Similar to the social media wave a few years ago when companies were scrambling to become active on various platforms, digital media has become a vital part of marketing and advertising for any business that wants to stay relevant. 

Digital signage — global growth and acceptance

Digital signage can help businesses tackle difficult challenges such as boosting revenue, strengthening brand identity, and easily increasing the efficiency of their ad campaigns. Today, smart signs and outdoor digital displays showing eye-catching visuals, graphics, and videos have become common in major cities all over the world. International brands and global organizations are investing thousands of dollars for proper hardware and software for innovative digital signage solutions and spending hours designing creative content for their digital billboards.

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Latest digital signage trends and statistics

Here are some of the latest statistics that prove the effectiveness of digital signage for advertising and promoting your brand, services, and products:

  1. There are roughly 9,600 digital billboards nationwide in the United States as of 2020.
  2. More than 40% of shoppers in the United States report changing what they buy after getting inspired by relevant information displayed on digital signage near the point of purchase.
  3. Eight out of ten customers that enter a shop refer to a sign that caught their interest and compelled them to check out the merchandise.
  4. More than 70% of Americans recall seeing a digital video display and 75% of travelers admit to noticing a digital billboard in the past month.
  5. A study conducted in Sweden found that drivers spend more time looking at digital signage screens than traditional billboards while driving.
  6. People who look at digital billboards have a higher recall and around 74 to 89% of the people recall seeing at least one specific ad they saw on a digital billboard.
  7. 72% of consumers in the United States appreciate digital billboards as a cool way to advertise and learn about new businesses.
  8. 71% of survey respondents feel that digital billboards and ads on digital signage stand out more than common online and TV ads.
  9. Digital signage can boost sales up to 31% by offering customers a better overall experience.
  10. The compound annual growth rate of the digital signage market is 7.3% and the market is expected to reach over $29 billion by 2024.

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The truth is most businesses see a 15% or more increase in revenue from adding outdoor digital signage. Discover how effective digital signage could be for your business with our free digital signage return on investment calculator