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Digital LED Sign attracts customers and increases revenue

From the moment he was able to work, Taylor Goble began his McDonald’s journey as a crew member and moved up the ranks from there. In 2016, Goble bought his first McDonald’s franchise in southern Maine. A savvy business owner and entrepreneur, he has since expanded that ownership to ten McDonald’s franchise locations throughout central and southern Maine. He has been in the business for 5 years and has seen many changes throughout this time, especially with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read on to discover how he increased revenue by 17% quickly by installing a Cirrus digital LED sign.

The Challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic brought significant challenges to sales revenue, and Goble’s McDonald’s locations were not immune. Following Maine’s mandated statewide lockdown, Goble saw a heavy decline in traffic and sales. This brought a significant decline in business and, as a result, Goble was forced to reduce his advertising budget. 

Despite this, he was still looking for a way to connect with customers and the community. He recognized that his current signage was ineffective, outdated, and didn’t serve his needs. Goble needed to quickly find a more effective way to engage and connect with customers and to communicate that McDonald’s was safe, clean, and still offered exceptional service to customers. 

Image of McDonalds one color low resolution led display before and then a Cirrus 9mm high-resolution display after

One of the key factors in his decision was how competitively priced Cirrus’s 6mm high definition digital LED signs are. In fact, similar-sized 16mm LED displays are often the same price with only half the resolution and when you are marketing food, the resolution is essential. Plus, unlike his previous digital LED sign, Cirrus has a patented modular display which future proofs his investment. If he wants to upgrade to a better resolution in a few years, it’s a simple module replacement vs tearing down the entire framework. If he wants to make the sign larger, he can simply add more modules to the display. And, if the sign ever needs servicing, an LED module replacement takes 30 seconds, so downtime is kept to a minimum.


Goble started diligently researching his outdoor sign options and decided that a bright, reliable digital LED sign was the way to go. With so many options available, he narrowed his search and turned to Cirrus LED, a leader in full color, dynamic high-resolution signage that provided superior video, photography, and content features. 

"We chose a Cirrus digital LED sign because of its full color, high resolution, and video capabilities. We chose Cirrus over others in the market due to its reliability. We can easily replace a 1 x 2” panel rather than the entire expense of the entire sign. Cirrus software truly stood out. It’s very user-friendly and we knew what we were doing without any training.”  

–Taylor Goble, owner, and operator, ten McDonald’s franchises 


Cirrus also provides sign owners with our award-winning, cloud-based content management system, or CMS called
ScreenHub. ScreenHub is an easy-to-use, intuitive software that allows end-users to design and program their displays from anywhere. With its user-friendly design, Goble was able to display messaging from day one without any training. This messaging allowed him to communicate to customers about current promotions, CDC safety regulations, weather, and dynamic messages, and community messages all at a time when communicating to the public was only done electronically and from a distance. This McDonald’s location was able to interact with and bring support to the community. 


Cirrus’s 6mm ultra-high-resolution digital LED sign provided Goble with the tools to deliver impactful messaging and significantly increase sales. Up and running in short order, Goble’s McDonald’s location realized an increase in sales and exposure for his business by over 17%. He was so satisfied with the immediate ROI, he quickly decided to install another Cirrus digital LED sign at another one of his restaurants. Not only has Cirrus been a great solution to a challenging problem, but Goble realized that his digital LED signage can now be updated to include special deals, promos, and even special occasions that occur in the community – a winning team, graduation, or recognition for an employee’s business. 

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