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Experience the difference of lightweight, high-resolution billboards

Not all digital billboards are created equal. Our eyes are attracted to higher contrast images because they are easier to recognize and process. Unlike our competitors, who mainly use a 16mm pitch, we utilize a 9mm or 12mm, ensuring you get the best resolution and contrast whether your audience is 50 or 500 feet away.

If you are replacing a static billboard, then our patented modular design enables billboard operators to convert existing static faces to digital displays. At 4.91 lbs. per square foot, the displays are 1/2 the weight of the competition, minimizing the cost of structural reinforcement - sometimes even eliminating it!



Signs as unique as you

From the standard to the extraordinary, our displays can do it. When you purchase a display you want to create not just a sign, but a visual experience that makes your business stand out and brings people in your doors. Because our displays are modular, the only limit on what you can do... is you. If you dream of a tall, poster-style sign, or a thin sign that circles your entire building, our modules will make it a reality. Stand out from the crowd and wow your audience.

High resolution
Stunning 9mm or 12mm display with edge to edge, high-resolution full-color picture or video.
Light weight
At 4.91 lbs. per square foot, Cirrus displays are 50% lighter than the competition.
Built to last
Built tough to weather any environment with an IP65 rating and solid-state technology.
Fast delivery
Ships within 2 - 3 weeks and for a fraction of the cost.
In the rare event of modular issues, panels can be swapped out in 60-seconds.
Easy to convert
Patented modular design enables billboard operators to convert existing static faces to digital displays.

ScreenHub CMS

Looking for a way to manage your displays? Our easy-to-use, cloud-based content management software makes it simple to control one or multiple screens with identical or different content on the go or in the office.


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