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Customer Story: McDonald's

How a new outdoor sign led to a 17% increase in revenue for a McDonald's franchise.


Taylor Goble
McDonald's Franchisee


Outdated sign unable to connect and communicate effectively


New high resolution digital signage with high visibility


Increase in sales by over 17% and more exposure

From the moment he was able to work, Taylor Goble began his McDonald’s journey as a crew member and moved up the ranks from there. In 2016, Goble bought his first McDonald’s franchise in southern Maine. A savvy business owner and entrepreneur, he has since expanded that ownership to ten McDonald’s franchise locations throughout central and southern Maine.

Learn why Taylor chose Cirrus when he decided he needed a better way to connect with people who were driving by his restaurants. 



The COVID-19 pandemic brought significant challenges to sales revenue, and Goble’s McDonald’s locations were not immune. He saw a significant decline in business and, as a result, was forced to reduce his advertising budget. Despite this, Goble was still looking for a way to connect with customers and the community. He recognized that his current signage was ineffective, outdated and didn’t serve his needs. He needed to find a more effective way to engage with customers and communicate that McDonald’s was safe, clean, and still offered exceptional service.

Just when Goble needed to advertise the most, his outdoor sign was failing him. The sign at his McDonald's franchise was:

  • Old and the warranty had expired

  • Expensive and slow to fix whenever it broke

  • Inflexible, only allowing text advertisements that failed to catch the attention of passing drivers


Goble started diligently researching his outdoor sign options, and decided that a bright, reliable LED sign was the way to go. He narrowed his search to Cirrus LED, a leader in full color, dynamic high-resolution signage that provided superior video, photography, and content features. Cirrus helped Taylor select a 6mm Outdoor Digital sign to be retrofitted onto his existing sign set-up. One of the key factors in his decision was how competitively priced Cirrus’s 6mm high definition LED signs are compared to similar sized 16mm displays at the same price with only half the resolution. Plus, unlike his previous LED sign, Cirrus has a patented modular display which future proofs his investment. If he wants to upgrade to a better resolution or larger sign in a few years, it’s a simple module replacement vs tearing down the entire framework. And finally, the display's content management system allowed him to communicate to customers about current promotions, CDC safety regulations, weather and dynamic messages, and community messages all from one secure platform. Goble's McDonald’s location was able to interact with and bring support to the community.

Key factors in the decision:

  • Pixel Resolution: When marketing food, resolution matters. A 6mm display allowed him to show the delicious details.

  • Value: The competitive pricing of Cirrus’s high definition LED signs was important. Cirrus also provided a unique subscription model that allowed Taylor to bundle everything into one low monthly cost.

  • Ease of Repair and Upgrade: Cirrus's patented modular display future-proofs his investment if he wants to upgrade, add more to make the sign larger, or swap out modules in an unlikely event a module needs to be replaced. 

  • Powerful Content Management: Each display comes with an award winning, cloud-based content management system, or CMS, ScreenHub. With its user-friendly design, Goble was able to design and program his displays from anywhere, tailoring the messaging from day one without any training.


Cirrus’s 6mm high-resolution display helped Goble deliver impactful messaging and significantly increase exposure. The week Taylor installed the sign, he saw sales increase. Since then, he’s seen a 17.4% increase in revenue. He was so satisfied with the immediate ROI, he quickly decided to install another Cirrus sign. Not only has Cirrus been a great solution to a challenging problem, but Goble realized that his digital signage can now be updated to include special deals, promos and even special occasions that occur in the community.



Today, Taylor uses the sign to display McDonald’s discounts and sale items. With his Cirrus LED Sign, Taylor is able to:

  • Change the messaging quickly and easily. Taylor has found that he increases sales if he makes changes to what he's advertising based on the weather, local events, and more.

  • Build connections with his local community. Taylor updates the sign regularly with messages like “Congrats to the local high school graduating class!”

Before vs. After Installing a Cirrus Digital Sign
McDonald's display before working with Cirrus
McDonald's display before working with Cirrus
McDonald's digital sign after working with Cirrus
McDonald's digital sign after working with Cirrus
McDonald's digital sign after working with Cirrus
"We chose Cirrus because of its full color, high resolution, and video capabilities. We chose Cirrus over others in the market due to its reliability. We can easily replace a panel rather than the expense of an entire sign."
Taylor GobleMcDonald's Franchisee

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