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Our History

Launched in 2010, Cirrus LED was built on the idea of creating a better, more cost-effective way of engineering and manufacturing high-quality, cutting-edge modular display systems for outdoor digital signage. Today, we continue to seek new and innovative ways to develop simpler products and services that are, not only adaptable and evolve with any business, but also maintain our commitment to quality and affordability. 

Our Mission

At Cirrus LED, we believe in the power of innovation. We believe that every business and organization should be able to easily create engaging on-premise digital marketing experiences that accelerate growth without “breaking the bank”. That is why we strive to develop and deliver revolutionary products and easy-to-use solutions that are captivating, affordable, and evolve with any business big or small.
Simple. Revolutionary. Authentic. 

Who We Are

We are a dedicated team of engineers, sales, creatives, and service folks building the world’s best on-premise marketing tools. We believe in keeping things simple (in the most advanced ways) and remain focused on our belief that there is always room to improve on what we did the day before. 

Located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, our high-tech manufacturing headquarters is equipped with one of the most advanced robotic assembly lines in the world. We are committed to investing in talent so we can deliver cost-effective products and solutions that outperform the competition. Recognized by the International Sign Association for Innovation and Excellence, our team has the passion to deliver the most advanced on-premise digital marketing technology in the world.

Why choose Cirrus LED Displays?

Aside from the fact we make the best LED displays on the market, powered by the world's most powerful marketing software, we are also incredibly dedicated to ensuring our customers have the best experience as well. 

Our goal is to see you succeed We do this by delivering personalized and premium customer-centric services to meet your specific needs. From working directly with premier sign shop networks to our dedicated internal customer service and tech support teams you can rely on us to make your journey easier every step of the way.
Revolutionary Technology

Our technological expertise, passion for developing new technologies, and the ability to continue to explore and create new innovations set us apart.

Cirrus Modules are produced on the most advanced SMT line in North American using state-of-the-art robotics and engineering to ensure precision in every module we manufacture. This consistency means you can be confident that your display meets your expectations of receiving the highest quality hardware.

Advanced solid-state technology powers our modules. They have no moving parts or wires to simplify and remove points of failure. That along with built-in artificial intelligence to constantly improve performance means you can count on your display.

Grow with you using our patented modular system. You can easily add to an existing display, or upgrade to a higher pixel density at a later time without the stress of buying an entirely new sign; your investment is future-proof.

Simple Content Management with ScreenHub our hardware-agnostic digital signage software you can manage your content and monitor the health and performance of every single Cirrus display you own from anywhere.
Innovation is in our DNA We don’t do things just because “that’s how they’ve always been done.”  We are constantly seeking to innovate and find new and better ways to serve you. Our award-winning hardware and software show our commitment to this principle and we will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with on-premise marketing.
Exceptional Quality We bring you the highest quality displays to deliver real business results, and we back that claim up. We offer a 5-year hardware warranty on every display with an optional 5-year peace of mind service warranty. In addition, our LED displays deliver 281 trillion colors for striking visual detail and a 100,000-hour plus lifespan. Our displays are IP65 rated, front and back, the highest in the industry, which means they’re completely sealed, to protect against everything mother nature can bring.
Complete on-premise Marketing solutions We believe signage is a powerful marketing tool, and so we made an intuitive cloud-based content management system to harness that power. Screenhub is free to any Cirrus Sign owner and comes with lifetime training and unlimited support, corporate programs for national brands, and a low-cost subscription option. 


  • 2011 - Cirrus LED is born

    Some may say founded, but we like to think of this as a birthday and a reason to celebrate!

  • 2012 - Cirrus LED is incorporated

    First office opens in San Rafael, California

  • 2013 - First product released (N2)

    The N2, a full-color solid-state LED module, was introduced, as well as the market's very first web-based content management system, LED Cloud.

  • 2014 - Cirrus opened an office in Maine

    Sales and service office opens in Maine.

  • 2015 - 2nd iteration of LED module called Blade

    The Blade and Solo product lines are released, the market's first solid-state 1x2' module. Solo Ice, the market's first white monochrome display.

  • 2015 - Expansion takes Cirrus to the East Bay

    Cirrus opens its new HQ in Emeryville, California.

  • 2016 - 3rd product iteration rolls out

    The Cirrus Blade X is released and takes the LED display world by storm.

  • 2017 - Cirrus relocates all offices to the East Coast

    We consolidated our California and Maine offices into one, building out our factory to onshore manufacturing to the US and putting everyone under one roof!

  • 2018 - US Manufacturing goes live and more product updates!

    Our US manufacturing line goes live in Saco, Maine, our 4th LED Module iteration BladeM and proprietary control system is released. We also deployed the 2nd iteration of our CMS now called ScreenHub to critical acclaim winning an ISA award for our software. Received a patent for display automapping... our modules can talk to each other, a market first. (It was a really busy year!)

  • 2020 - Hello, New Hampshire!

    We outgrew our Maine facility and moved our headquarters and built a new factory three times the size in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. New automation, new robots, and many other new processes allowed us to build the most advanced LED manufacturing facility in North America.

  • 2021 - Grow, Cirrus, grow!

    2021 was another busy year... we added additional advanced and proprietary robotic automation to improve quality and production. Became the first company in this space to do their own plastic injection molding. Released the M1 Pro controller, the most advanced controller in the market. Released our Digital Window Poster and doubled headcount for the 3rd year in a row, Cirrus is now 95 strong. And finally, received our 3rd patent related to our proprietary module data processing.

Recognition and awards


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