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Sep 26, 2022 10:00:00 AM3 min read

Why You Need to Care About your Digital Sign's Electrical

It doesn’t matter what company you choose to buy your digital sign from, putting in the right power is one of the most important steps to the installation. Buying a new digital sign is exciting, they provide you unlimited ways to target the audience right outside your door, but it’s important to slow down and ensure that installation is completed correctly. As with any electronic device, poor electrical service can lead to catastrophic results. 

Here’s what you need to know, and how to keep your digital sign safe from bad power.

Sensitive technology

The thing you have to remember is that a digital sign is a sensitive piece of technology. You wouldn't buy a brand-new car, go to the gas station, and put diesel in the tank without checking what kind of fuel it requires. When a digital sign gets the wrong power, it can cause internal damage that is not visible and shorten the lifespan of your display or at worst, catch on fire. Even if your sign doesn’t catch fire, improper electrical wiring on installation will often void your warranty, and anything that goes wrong from that point may not be covered.

No one wants an electrical fire and no one wants to hear their warranty is invalid due to improper electrical. Both of these situations are a bad day and a big headache for everyone involved. So how can you keep a sign safe and make sure everything goes smoothly with the electrical?

Trust the manual

Every digital sign comes with a manual that will clearly define what they need to be powered on. This means that if the manual says the sign needs a dedicated power circuit, then it can’t be shared with any other devices such as a lightbox, timer, or photocell. The manual is the single source of truth for how a sign should be wired and your installer should be familiar with it and should not deviate from the specifications outlined there. 

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Work with experts

Make sure you’re working with a certified electrician. Without that knowledge, you can’t be sure they will correctly wire and install your digital sign. Certified electricians go through years of training and know how to ensure your sign is up to code as well as safe. If you are bringing in an electrician, ask if they are certified. If not, ask for someone else. This protects your investment and will help to prevent future issues. If you have any electrical-related questions your electrician is the person to ask and can be a resource during the installation. 

Even when working with an experienced electrician, mistakes can happen. Taking a few extra minutes to verify that what you have asked for, is exactly what they have provided can go a long way. Catching issues early can save you a lot of money and stress in the long run.

How Cirrus keeps you and your sign safer

At Cirrus we are constantly innovating to protect your digital sign and prevent power-related failure. Our new line of Cirrus Outdoor panels will automatically shut down if there is a power issue, from improper voltage to brownouts preventing damage to your sign. This feature protects your sign from improper electrical installation and allows maintenance before things begin to go wrong.

No matter who you choose to buy a sign from, following these steps can help ensure your display is up and running for years to come. 

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