May 18, 2022 2:32:09 PM 2 min read

Cirrus LED Releases Powerful New Updates to ScreenHub Software


Cirrus LED is excited to announce a new set of features to its award-winning cloud-based software, ScreenHub. The ultimate digital display design tool has just received three brand-new updates: display health monitoring, role-based access, and workspaces. 

While Cirrus has always focused on user experience and usability, these new features help businesses manage their displays with ease. Paired with Cirrus’s best-in-class LED hardware, the signage software just became even more powerful allowing users to create, manage and monitor all from one platform.

“We are proud to continuously improve our product and bring new features and capabilities to our customers. These tools set the stage for our next generation of product, designed to go beyond the screen and become a complete on-premise marketing solution for our customers. The value of these features is tremendous but it is what we’re building for the future that is most exciting.  - David Rycyna, CEO, Cirrus LED

ScreenHub now offers customers the ability to track and monitor their system's overall health without additional hardware like cameras. This new technology also eliminates the need for technicians to go out and physically inspect the display - it’s all in the dashboard. Whether it’s high temperatures, power fluctuations, LED Panel Outages, or loss of sign connection, real-time notifications alert support when an issue arises. They are then able to immediately assess the problem, ship parts if needed, and schedule the repair remotely. This drastically reduces display downtime - saving installers and business owners time and money. 

New role-based access control (RBAC) and Workspaces come together to give businesses more security and oversight to who is accessing their displays. This functionality allows admins to assign permissions and projects to end-users based on their role within an organization. Workspaces offers increased flexibility by allowing members across an organization to work collaboratively to create impactful messages and content, regardless of if those team members share the same office or work across the globe. 

Cirrus Systems is a manufacturer of revolutionary and simple to use digital signage and powerful sign software solutions that work together to create engaging on-premise digital marketing experiences. 

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