Sight Analytics

Optimize Your Messaging in Real Time

Improve Sales with Actionable Marketing Data

Do you know who is walking in your door or driving past your business? Every day that goes by without you capturing this data is a lost opportunity. Cirrus Sight Analytics, included with ScreenHub, provides the digital signage analytics you need to get the right message out, positively impact your audience and, ultimately, to increase your sales. With the market’s best hardware and software, Sight Analytics allows you to truly understand your customers and play conditional messages based on their demographic characteristics.

Car Tracking and Counting

The movement of cars reveals a tremendous amount about customer behavior. Our car tracking system can answer hundreds of questions, such as the following:

  • How many cars passed by the store at 8 p.m. yesterday?
  • What models and types of car are driving by or stopping at your site?
  • What was the average dwell time in the lot last week vs. the week prior?

All available data is compiled in our software. You can easily view and correlate your data to the advertisements displayed on your digital screens at the time of capture.

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People Tracking and Counting

Whether your organization has one location or thousands, this is your opportunity to get to know your customers:

  • What is the proportion of male to female shoppers?
  • What is the approximate age of your customers?
  • How long are they staying in your establishment?

Sight Analytics delivers real-time demographic information, people counts and movement insights. The system tracks and counts people moving into your store, determines their sex and approximate age, and analyzes that data just as it does with cars, but to another level. Once you know your audience, it’s easy to track their engagement with the content you put on your screens — both inside and outside your location — so you can optimize messaging.

Bluetooth Beacons and Content Software

Bluetooth beacons are embedded into our outdoor screens and interior hardware, allowing messages to be sent to any passing smartphone. You can create relevant messaging and custom offers within our integrated content management software, ScreenHub.

ScreenHub, our free and powerful cloud content management solution, runs all Cirrus screens, regardless of type or size, within one simple interface. Users can also manage an unlimited number of locations simultaneously or separately within the same application.


Digital Display Integration

The magic behind Sight Analytics is that it allows you to run your brick-and-mortar location like a sophisticated website. The system integrates with any outdoor or indoor display screen, creating a complete feedback loop. Advertising displayed on screens impacts customer behavior, which is then captured by Sight Analytics. Advertising can then be optimized based on that behavioral feedback to drive more customers to your location and increase engagement and sales.


Analytics Dashboard

Analytic data is available 24/7 within the ScreenHub platform. Patterns and insights from that data are correlated to your marketing campaigns and the ads running on your displays. The result is real-time feedback on the effectiveness of your on-site advertising.

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