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Make More Money with Our High-Resolution Display

Our 9, 6 and 4mm BladeM ultra-high-resolution, LED digital display boards are more than a screen — it’s a tool that helps delivers impactful messaging. In fact, investing in a Cirrus BladeM LED display will help you significantly increase revenue. A low-resolution 16mm display is simply a poor investment.

Compare BladeM to Other Electronic Message Boards

The Best Messaging Makes Content Stand Out

  • BladeM ultra-high resolution, 4 x 8′, 9 mm LED display has 4X – 5X more pixels (32,768) than traditional 4 x 8′, 16 mm (9,216) and 20 mm displays (6,272).
  • BladeM is capable of displaying images and video with 298 trillion colors and 60 FPS video to highlight today’s rich content.
  • BladeM delivers a stunning, edge-to-edge, full-color picture or video that captures the audience’s attention.

The Best Hardware for Practical LED Digital Signage

  • BladeM features future-proof, modular architecture for easy expansion or upgrading as technology needs change.
  • BladeM 4 x 8′, double-sided display is 60 percent lighter than the competition (246 lbs. vs. 814 lbs.), making installation a breeze.
  • BladeM boasts an IP 67 rating, meaning it is dustproof and waterproof; while self-healing mods feature built-in artificial intelligence.

The Best Software Is Powerful, Yet Easy to Use

  • BladeM includes our ScreenHub content management system that allows businesses to create, schedule and organize content from anywhere, on any device.
  • Our customers are provided with free cloud software training and support for the lifetime of the electronic message center.

The Best Technology Offers Rock-Solid Reliability

  • BladeM is produced on the most advanced SMT (surface mount technology) line in North America using state-of-the-art robotics and lean manufacturing processes.
  • Advanced solid-state technology means no moving parts that can fail, and that means rock-solid reliability.
  • BladeM uses a single controller to drive an image to the display, while traditional displays have 50+ components to drive an image to the display.

Our LED Digital Signage Positively Impacts Your Business

Are you responsible for your company’s electronic message center? When it’s time to make your brand look its best, there is no better investment than the BladeM from Cirrus. The BladeM increases your visibility by providing you with the most vivid content and durable LED screen — a screen that delivers the impactful messaging that can increase revenue and grow your business.

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