Make Digital Signage Part of Your Game Plan

Sports Arena Digital Signage Increases Revenue

Sporting events — and even college and high school games — have a lot of competition from other forms of entertainment as well as from in-home broadcasts of events. How can you, as an owner, manager or school administrator, increase ticket sales for live sports? Digital signage, with its ability to elevate the fan experience and increase engagement, is one way to go. Sport stadium digital signage not only modernizes your facility and increases fan involvement in the live event, it also generates revenue from advertising.

Digital advertising is more effective and produces more revenue than static ads. Ads that increase the engagement of spectators via stunning videos, live music and fun text animation are able to generate increased fees. Plus, because you can change digital ads multiple times during each game, you can expand the pool of advertisers and sponsors. Increasing the number of advertisers means greater revenue.

The Benefits of Digital Signage Go Beyond Advertising

Digital sports signage in professional and amateur venues improves the overall participant experience, which helps build team loyalty and grow your fan base and profits. Consider using digital signs to:

  • Advertise various products and services on a rotating basis
  • Welcome your team’s fans to the stadium on game days
  • Direct spectators efficiently to their seats and other locations
  • Showcase highlights of the game, instant replays and the score
  • Provide statistics of home and visiting players and teams
  • Encourage fans to cheer for their team at critical moments
  • Create fan participation activities and games during downtimes
  • Send personalized messages to individual fans and groups
  • Show photos of fans enjoying the game in real time
  • Remind fans of your concession stands and team shops
  • Offer digital menu boards at food venues to speed ordering
  • Direct fans to the nearest exits when the game ends
  • Promote upcoming games and other community activities
  • Provide information about ticket sales, prices and availability
  • … and more!

Cirrus Has the Winning Combination

Not all digital signage is created equal. The Cirrus hardware/software combination — the BladeM high-resolution display with our industry-leading ScreenHub software — is your ticket to increased advertising revenue.

9 mm BladeM Display

  • Boasts 3X – 5X the number of pixels as our competitors’ 15 mm and 20 mm screens
  • Delivers beautiful pictures, stunning videos and the clearest text
  • Built with a modular design for easy expansion when your needs change
  • Is manufactured using advanced, solid-state technology and has no moving parts
  • Withstands heat, cold, rain, fog and snow without fail

ScreenHub Cloud Software

  • Is powerful yet easy to install, configure and create content
  • Lets you manage content for one screen or 1,000, from anywhere, on any device
  • Playback system operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Works with any digital display, including LED, LCD and TVs
  • Includes automatic updates as well as lifetime training and support

Pro Level Signage at High School Pricing

Do you operate under a very tight budget? We understand, but we believe that you shouldn’t let a limited budget limit your options. Investing in an inferior, low-quality monochrome or low-res color display will not provide the quality communication that gets results. Our BladeM display with powerful software can fit any budget while enabling you to deliver the clear pictures, sharp text and stunning videos that will grab eyeballs and grow your franchise.

Our interconnected hardware and software combine to offer a meaningful return on your investment. Are you ready to commit to outstanding digital sports signage? Connect with Cirrus and win with the pros!

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