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Digital signage goes beyond advertising

In this digital age, your audience may seem harder to reach. Finding ways to catch their attention and make a connection has become harder, but there are ways to cut through the noise and captivate interest. Outdoor digital signage reaches people when they are close and most likely to enter your doors. It’s not just a sign, it’s a marketing tool that works for you. It’s an easy to update, adaptable way to communicate your message and draw in the right people. From promotions to sharing events, outdoor digital signage offers you unlimited possibilities.

Score engagement and sponsors

Sharing stats and getting fans on their feet has never been easier. When you have a digital display you can do so much more to get the crowd going. From starting chants to highlighting players, there is nothing on the court or field you can’t show off.

Game Highlights Showcase highlights of the game, instant replays, and the score for fans outside the arena
Welcome Fans Direct spectators efficiently to their
seats and other locations
Announce Upcoming Games Promote upcoming games, ticket pricing
and other community activities
Concessions Menus Remind fans of your concession
stands, and any specials going on
FAN PARTICIPATION Create fan participation activities and
personalized messages during downtimes
Sponsor Offers Advertise various products and services on a rotating basis and generate more revenue

Engage sponsors

When you have a digital display you gain more real estate for your sponsors. There is no need to print vinyl signs which deteriorate in the weather and need to be thrown out at the end of the season. A digital sign gives you more room to help them score big.

ScreenHub CMS

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