Superior Digital Signage for Retail Stores

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Showcase your products like never before and increase revenue! While all retail LED signage can increase revenue, Cirrus’s revolutionary BladeM display offers the crystal clear, high-resolution, edge-to-edge quality that can result in an increase of up to 150 percent. Why invest in an inferior product, when the BladeM provides the real pictures and impactful messages that capture your audience’s attention?

What can digital signage do for your retail business? An LED display allows you to:

  • Update your brand image and stand out from the competition
  • Generate interest and excitement inside and outside
  • Improve your customers’ shopping experience
  • Highlight specials and provide product demonstrations
  • Announce special sales, the arrival of new items and more
  • Pass on product information and knowledge to customers
  • Change your messages in all stores from a remote location
  • Customize signage in various stores to target local customers
  • Drive traffic into your store(s) with attention-grabbing images
  • Retrieve marketing data through our Sight Analytics system
  • … and more!

Not All Retail Digital Signage Is Created Equal

To achieve a noticeable ROI, your hardware must be able to deliver real, clear pictures of your products. An inferior LED display simply cannot provide what the affordable Cirrus BladeM can:

Ultra-High Resolution

Our 9 mm display has 3X – 5X the number of pixels as our competitors’ 15 mm and 20 mm screens of the same size. This means beautiful, detailed pictures and video that attract customer eyeballs. The BladeM displays content with 298 trillion colors and 60 FPS video!

Unmatched Durability

Advanced solid-state, robotics-assisted construction and no moving parts means that you can rely on your display to withstand heat, cold, rain and snow. You can be confident that your display is always up and running.

Powerful Software

Our industry-leading ScreenHub content management system comes with every BladeM display. This easy-to-use, robust, cloud software allows you to create, schedule and organize content for one screen or 1,000 — from anywhere, on any device.

Actionable Marketing Data

Enjoy the benefits of interactive retail digital signage with Sight Analytics. This system, included with ScreenHub, lets you capture demographic data and optimize your messaging in real time. Track cars and customers, send messages to passing smartphones, and improve sales.

Close the Sale with Cirrus Digital Retail Signage

Cirrus not only offers the most advanced signage hardware, but we back it up with amazing content management software and a system that lets you correlate demographic data to your marketing campaigns. This 3-in-1 package provides you with everything you need to maximize your revenue and ROI — at the market’s best price! Don’t waste your money on an inferior product; start increasing your revenue today with Cirrus!

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