Digital Signage for Churches and Other Houses of Worship

Have Faith in Digital Church Signs

Now you can modernize the way you communicate without abandoning the messages that have withstood the test of time. LED church signs effectively showcase and promote your services and community events, increasing engagement without exceeding your budget.

Outdoor digital signs for churches help you:

  • Promote your upcoming sermons, events and community doings
  • Inform members and nonmembers alike about worship times
  • Change messages quickly and easily as information is updated
  • Attract younger people with whom digital signage resonates
  • Display traffic and weather as worshippers leave the buildings
  • … and more!

Indoor digital church signs allow you to:

  • Direct attendees to various locations within the building
  • Post announcements, events and fundraisers, replacing static bulletin boards
  • Recognize contributors and volunteers with names and pictures
  • Increase participation by displaying the words of hymns and readings
  • Communicate with hearing-impaired congregants and visitors
  • … and more!

Don’t Let a Limited Budget Limit Your Choice

At Cirrus, we understand that many houses of worship have important causes to support with a limited budget. But that doesn’t mean you should invest in an inferior, low-quality monochrome or low-res color display. Our BladeM display can fit any budget so you can deliver the clear pictures, sharp text and stunning videos that will showcase your church’s services and events while grabbing eyeballs at the same time.

Benefits of Cirrus Digital Church Signage

Amazing 9 mm LED Display

  • 3X – 5X more pixels than traditional 16 mm and 20 mm displays
  • Full edge-to-edge, ultra-high-resolution pictures and videos
  • Advanced, solid-state technology has no moving parts that can fail
  • Lightweight, future-proof modular architecture expands as needed
  • Built using advanced, robot-assisted, lean manufacturing processes

Best, Easiest-to-Use Software

  • ScreenHub cloud software is easy to install and configure
  • Allows you to quickly create, schedule and manage content
  • Dependable playback system operates 24/7/365
  • Compatible with any interior TV or outdoor digital display
  • Free software training and support for the life of the display

Our interconnected hardware and software combine to offer a meaningful return on your investment. When you’re ready to commit to digital church signage, be sure to connect with Cirrus.

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