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Gain Trust and Grow Your Business

Digital Signage Increases Revenue

Invest in LED digital signage and watch your real estate or financial business grow! Did you know that, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration, installing an LED display can lead to an increase in revenue of between 15 and 150 percent? Further, “No other form of advertising comes close to matching the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of an outdoor LED display.”

Have we convinced you yet? Keep reading to learn how LED signs can increase your company’s revenue.

Showcase Services, Products and Rates

Digital LED real estate signs help realty firm owners and managers like you to:

  • Stand apart from the competition and build your brand
  • Increase the appeal of available homes with pictures vs. text listings
  • Create a video that rotates to show pictures of your inventory
  • Update available home descriptions and pricing quickly and easily
  • Provide pricing in a very clear and visual manner
  • Cut costs associated with printing and updating flyers
  • Show pictures and videos of key neighborhood spots
  • Provide up-to-the-minute information about upcoming open houses
  • … and more!

Bank digital signage allows bank managers and financial firm owners like you to:

  • Modernize your image while promoting your brand
  • Attract the experiential-focused millennial generation
  • Demonstrate your transparency and build trust
  • Create a rotating sign that clearly states services, costs and rates
  • Attract customers with good mortgage and interest rates
  • Show investments and sponsorships of community projects
  • Install LED signage in your lobby to create interest in new services
  • Direct customers to the right people and locations once inside
  • … and more!

Not All Digital Signage Gets Great Results

Can you achieve a significant increase in revenue with any electronic message center? No. Improving revenue and realizing a good ROI requires that your display be able to deliver real, clear pictures, videos and text. An inferior LED display simply cannot provide what the affordable Cirrus BladeM and complementary products can because:

  • We have more pixels! Our 9 mm, ultra-high-resolution LED display has 3X – 5X the number of pixels vs. traditional 15 mm and 20 mm screens, which means superior content that results in more revenue.
  • Our durability is unmatched. BladeM is built using advanced, solid-state technology and has no moving parts that can fail. Rely on your Cirrus display to be up and running at all times.
  • Our lightweight, patented, modular display system is easy to expand or upgrade as your technological needs change.
  • You get our industry-leading, powerful ScreenHub content management software that makes it easy to create and schedule content for one screen or 1,000 — from anywhere, on any device.
  • Our Sight Analytics tracks passing cars and people, sends instant messages to smartphones, and allows you to optimize your messages in response to the demographic data it collects.

Seal the Deal with Cirrus Digital Signage

When you decide the time is right to install digital bank or real estate signs, contact Cirrus. You get more pixels in a durable LED display, the best cloud software for easy content management, and a marketing analytics system that provides actionable marketing data. This 3-in-1 package helps maximize your revenue and ROI — at the market’s best price! Don’t waste your time and money on lesser products; start growing your business today with Cirrus!

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