Increasing ROI in Diverse Markets

Make the Best Investment in Your Business

Cirrus’s affordable, high-resolution digital displays help all types of businesses and organizations effectively get eyeballs on their products and services that can increase revenue. Our revolutionary BladeM display is built with solid-state technology for reliable performance and durability, and it comes with ScreenHub, our simple yet powerful software that delivers results.

Effective Signage Can Increase Your Sales

“Just by installing an LED display, the average business can expect to see a minimum increase in business of 15 percent up to a staggering 150 percent. No other form of advertising comes close to matching the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of an outdoor LED display.”

— U.S. Small Business Administration

High Resolution Generates a Strong ROI

Lower-resolution displays cannot effectively show today’s rich content. Spending a lot of money on a display that can only produce text or low-res photos or clip art generates a significantly lower impression rate. A high-res display like ours — with 3X – 5X the pixels of traditional LED displays and an edge-to-edge viewing area — delivers the superior content that maximizes revenue from your products and/or services.