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Why do more businesses
choose Cirrus?

From stunning visuals to effective communication, our LED displays will make an impact and grow your revenue.

Experience Quality and Reliability with Cirrus's Cost-Effective LED Signs

After over a decade of extensive research and development, Cirrus LED has produced a powerful sign that is cost-effective to run. Our signs are designed and constructed with the highest quality materials on the most advanced SMT line in North America, providing you with the best value for your money. Moreover, with Cirrus Complete hardware and labor warranty, you can rest assured that your sign will last for years. When you are ready to invest in an LED sign for your business, choose Cirrus LED for the assurance of quality and reliability.

Total Pixels
Display Weight
Modular Design
Hardware Warranty
Labor Warranty
Cirrus 9mm Display
4x8 Double Sided
73,728 Total Pixels
346 lbs. Display Weight
Yes Modular Design
3-minute average hold time Support
Ships to installer in days Shipping
5-year hardware warranty Hardware Warranty
Yes. (included)
5-year labor warranty
Labor Warranty
Cirrus logo
Competition's 16mm Display
4x8 Double Sided
10,368 Total Pixels
815 lbs Display Weight
No Modular Design
Long support wait times Support
20-25 week lead time to installer Shipping
5-year hardware warranty Hardware Warranty
No. (optional)
$70/month Labor Warranty

Innovative technology to keep your sign running longer.

LEDs can be quickly degraded by heat and dust, and the hotter your display runs, the faster it will fail. To avoid this, Cirrus LED Displays are designed to run cooler by consuming less energy and require only basic ventilation, without the need for components like fans that can easily break down. With Cirrus LED, you can enjoy a reliable, long-lasting display. 

Cirrus LED Displays
Competitor's Displays

Runs continuously cool at 30 Watts/SFcirrus-solid-temp

45% less energy consumption than previous models

 Stays cool with simple ventilation

No fans or moving parts

Burns over 65 Watts/SF hottercompetitor-wires01-temp

Higher energy consumption per pixel

Runs hot and requires fans to keep the sign cool

Requires fans and wire connections that can fail

Our lightweight design makes installation easier and more affordable.

Our lightweight and modular signs are incredibly easy to assemble, helping you save thousands of dollars on installation. Plus, their lightweight design make them the ideal solution for replacing and retrofitting old, broken signs and reducing the need for costly additional infrastructure or electrical work.

Cirrus LED Displays - 9mm Double Sided
Competitor - 16mm Double Sided

Weight  346 lbs.

Light enough to allow for retrofits on existing structures

Weight 815 lbs.
Usually needs additional heavy equipment
and infrastructure, increasing installation costs

We remove unnecessary stress from installing a sign with our
0% interest subscription program and white glove approach.

At Cirrus LED, we make it easy to get the perfect sign for your business. Our experienced team takes the hassle out of the process, providing an effortless experience from start to finish. That way, you can rest assured that you'll get the perfect LED sign and can get back to focusing on what really matters -- running your business.

Runs Code Check
Applies for permitting
Provides project manager
Provides quality installer
0% Interest Subscription Program Financing
Runs Code Check
Applies for permitting
Provides project manager
Provides quality installer
Traditional financing with interest Financing
Runs Code Check
Applies for permitting
Provides project manager
Provides quality installer
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