Oct 18, 2021 5:02:26 AM 4 min read

4 Ways to Save Money on Digital Signs

Digital signage may seem like a futuristic advertising tool for many businesses. However, it can often be expensive to employ this mode of marketing, especially if you’re a small business on a tight budget. The good news is, it doesn't have to be. You can employ various measures to save money on your digital signage strategy. Here are three valuable ways to save money on digital signs.

Choose the right hardware

The first thing you need to think about when choosing digital signage for your company is its hardware. It’s critical to pick the hardware that’ll be useful to you and will allow you to meet your advertising goals. Choosing the right digital signage hardware significantly depends on your requirements and what you aim to achieve with your design.

For instance, if you think you only need an LCD screen with high resolution to promote your products and latest launches, you might not need to invest in a 4K video wall. You can budget based on the size of screen you need. A 3’x8’ screen will cost you less than a billboard. And a digital window poster will cost you even less. Take the time to research what will be best for your business and your budget.

Use apps to create content

The easiest and most affordable way to create content for your company’s digital signage is through the use of digital apps. They’re convenient and relatively less complicated than other signage software. You can use these digital apps to employ features like videos, graphics, social media feeds, and more. ScreenHub is a low-cost content management platform for digital signage with a 30-day free trial to see how you like it. It even has an easy-to-use in-browser editor for creating content for your signs. By using tools specific to your digital signs, you can save time and get back to other parts of your business faster. 

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Select between indoor and outdoor signs

Digital signage is one of the most powerful forms of physical advertisement. Unlike posters and flyers, these display screens are massive and don’t necessarily require you to place them at multiple locations. Therefore, an excellent way to save up on your business’s digital signage is by choosing your focal advertisement area and picking the digital signage accordingly. You can choose between indoor and outdoor signage. For instance, if you’re an indoor business, you’re most likely to benefit from an indoor sign, while a roadside eatery can profit from high-resolution outdoor LED signage.

Seek out a subscription model

Some LED signs can be bought on a subscription model. Instead of paying a huge lump sum upfront, you can spread the cost over years. Unlike financing, there is no interest on your payments. Which keeps more money in your pocket. You may also be able to upgrade at the end of your subscription to the latest sign if you continue. This means you can continue to have the best sign but without the headache of financing a new one when the technology improves.

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