Getting to Know Cirrus Systems, Inc.

We Help Grow Your Business

Cirrus is a technology company unlike any other digital sign manufacturer. We do more than provide revolutionary LED displays; we provide an ecosystem of hardware and software that help our customers reap extraordinary results from their on-premise marketing efforts. In fact, our digital signage makes money!

The revolutionary BladeM high-resolution display can increase revenue by up to 150 percent. Any business or organization looking to grow by providing effective, relevant messaging about its products or services would benefit greatly from our interconnected system of hardware and software.

A Very Brief History of Cirrus

Cirrus was founded in 2012 by our CEO, David Rycyna, in an effort to simplify the complexity that existed in the LED digital signage industry. At that time, turnarounds were one to three months, and displays were incredibly heavy and difficult to install. The displays had many moving parts and components that could fail, and changing content required a tethered computer. The market was ripe for disruption!

The objective… deliver an incredibly lightweight, modular system that ships in 24 hours and makes installs super simple. Also introduced, the first true cloud-based content management system. Here is a brief timeline of Cirrus’s accomplishments:

  • 2012 — Cirrus was founded
  • 2013 — First products released: the full-color N2 and the market’s first cloud software
  • 2015 — Second iteration: the Blade and Solo product lines
  • 2016 — Third iteration: the BladeX display hardware
  • 2018 — Fourth iteration: the BladeM, ScreenHub, campaign software and Sight Analytics
  • 2018 — Manufacturing process was moved to Maine
  • 2019 — Moved to a larger facility in New Hampshire, ScreenHub 2.0, developed 6 and 4mm panels and a new framing system

Recognition and Awards

  • 2018 — International Sign Association (ISA) Business Solution/Software Top Innovator Award
  • 2018 — New England Business Association Top Innovator Nominee
  • 2018 & 2017 — Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies in the U.S.